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Residential Construction On Rental Properties That Need Renovations

[May 12, 2017 at 5:17 pm]  

New home construction framing

Residential rental properties in Fulton County can be renovated to a higher standard for increased rental income. Unfortunately, there are investors that don’t understand that if they purchase a run-down property in a good neighborhood, they won’t be able to collect the same rent as other properties in the area unless they bring up the value with improvements. Often these homes sit for months on end and when a tenant does move in, they don’t care about damaging the home.

Updating the home may cost a little upfront but you’re also ensuring that you can get a better quality tenant in the home who wants to stay. So you get a double bang for your buck if you make the property better with higher and more reliable rental income.

If you own properties that don’t stand up to the rent you’re expecting, there are ways to remodel and upgrade that won’t break the bank or the repair budget.

Interior and exterior painting is one way to lift up the value of your rental real estate investment properties. Repairing any drywall, wood, or plaster damage is also important. If the flooring is still in decent shape, you can get it refinished instead of replacing it. Tile, laminate, and wood floors can be thoroughly cleaned and resealed for a beautiful glow.

HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Renovations

The remodeling company you choose should be able to handle problems with the electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and more so you don’t have to hire out separate contractors. A general construction contractor is best because they have the team of contractors who do it all.

Bathroom Remodeling For Rental Properties

You don’t have to go all out in a bathroom remodel on an investment property. The tub can be refinished instead of replaced. Tile work can often be repaired instead of redone. A fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures could be all you need.

Choosing The Right Residential Construction Contractor

The biggest and most important aspect of any remodeling project is the Fulton county construction contractor who does the work. You want someone who isn’t overpriced but still does great work. You don’t want the cheapest labor you can find or the results will be cheap. An experienced remodeling contractor who offers competitive rates, neither too high nor low, is the right choice.

Renovations are necessary when it comes to real estate investments. You have a partner at McClure Construction Company, Inc. who is just a phone call away. We would be glad to sit down with you and figure out the best services for your particular property.

Utilize our years of experience in home remodeling and you’ll be glad you trusted us enough to call. Let’s go over some options that don’t break the bank.

If you are looking for skilled construction experts in Fulton County then please call (404) 456-3888 or complete our online request form.

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