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New Construction Tips For Fulton County

[August 24, 2016 at 1:37 pm]  

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If you are planning a new construction project for a Fulton County home, there are things you should consider before finalizing the design. The professionals at McClure Construction Company, Inc. have done many new construction and remodeling projects for homeowners in the area.

As Fulton County remodeling contractors, we have come across many remodeling projects where a homeowner states that they wished they had thought more carefully about future needs when designing their homes.

Read these simple tips if you are planning on building a new home so you can be sure you enjoy your home now and for years to come.

Choose Energy Efficient Windows & Doors For New Construction

Federal Tax credits are often given to Fulton County homeowners for installing energy efficient windows or doors during new construction.
Windows, doors, and skylights that are Energy Star qualified will help you save on the electric bill. And, they will help to keep the home heated and cooled.

Think About The Future When Constructing A New Home

When a new home is constructed, the owner needs to think about the future. Changes in life are always present.
Think about whether or not it’s possible that the family will grow, a young adult will return home, or a parent will move in. Planning for a little extra space or an accommodating floor plan now saves you remodeling trouble later.

– Future Electrical Power & Outlet Needs
– Future Generator Installation
– Future Space Needs
– Future Plumbing Needs

Think About Space For Hobbies Or Space For Yourself When Building A New Home!

What do you like to spend time doing? Do you enjoy gardening or fixing your vehicles? Having space to spend time by yourself doing things you love is important.We get so busy in our lives that it’s hard to start or complete a project when an area isn’t ready for us to do it. Plan your new construction design to incorporate things like plenty of outlets in the garage, shelving, or empty space for tables to work on crafts.

Hardscaping & Landscaping For New Construction

Do you like to spend time outdoors? If so, you’ll want to make sure you construct a covered patio area or a landscape with a pergola. Enjoying nature while in comfortable surroundings on our own property helps with peace of mind. At a minimum, you should have an open patio if you love being outside. Design your lawn, plants, and shrubbery areas to allow for some empty space. Even if you don’t have kids or plan to, having a small area for children of friends who visit will give them space to play while the adults enjoy themselves nearby.
Remember, constructing a new home now with these things in the design plan will ensure you don’t have to remodel later. And, you don’t want to be disappointed that you have no space to incorporate something new later!

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