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Enjoy the Outdoors while Indoors with Sunrooms in Atlanta

[October 10, 2012 at 3:31 pm]  

Sunrooms AtlantaLiving outdoors has a number of obvious benefits like sunlight, fresh air, and a picturesque landscape, but factors such as inclement weather could make the experience far from being an enjoyable one.  Fortunately, sunrooms offer a practical compromise.  You will still be living indoors and protected from the elements, but the use of additional windows evokes a feeling of almost being out in the open whereas solid walls can make you feel cooped up and literally shut off from the rest of the world.  These and other benefits provided by Atlanta sunrooms make them wonderful and functional additions to any modern home.


Sunrooms in Atlanta are often found in areas where the weather is fair for most of the year, though they are also becoming popular in areas where the weather is not as generally pleasant because these structures do far more for homes than simply giving inhabitants a clearer view of the surroundings.  Even in a limited living space, a sunroom can make any home more visually appealing and actually increase its value.  It is far more cost-effective than any other home addition of a similar or larger scale because the available space is maximized, and the structure itself, like other rooms around the house, is more than likely to be used the whole year round.


Everyone in the household can benefit from a sunroom.  It can be an attractive venue where you can entertain your guests, a spacious area where your whole family can play games, watch television, and relax, or a private sanctuary where you can be alone with your thoughts and the natural beauty of the outdoors.


You can also enjoy significant energy savings from having a sunroom.  It allows ample natural light inside the premises during the daytime, thus reducing the need for electric lighting.  You can enjoy the warmth of the sun on the clearest of days and a properly-installed ventilation system will ensure it won’t get too hot for you during the summer months, allowing you to do away with expensive air conditioning units.


A sunroom is just as beneficial during rainy days because you feel a sense of being outdoors without getting cold and wet.  Even if it’s dark and dreary outside, you don’t have to feel the same way indoors.  Watching gentle rain fall from the safety of a sunroom can be relaxing, at least much more than what is possible from inside a walled-up room.


Sunrooms are not traditionally a part of any living space so they often have to be constructed as an add-on to the main structure of the house.  However, the good news for homeowners is that building them requires much less effort, time, and money than adding a room with solid walls to existing houses.  Even better news for homeowners is that sunrooms for most types of structures are also available in kit form which makes putting them together even easier.  A sunroom will obviously not need as much materials as a traditional four-walled structure of similar size, but as already mentioned, the total tradeoff for you and your family is worth far more than the monetary value.

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